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Keys To Finding Your First Quality Welding Helmet

If you're just getting involved in welding, one of the most important pieces of equipment you could invest in is a welding helmet. You always need to have one on when performing this type of fabrication. If you use this guide, finding your first welding helmet will be easy.

Decide Between a Fixed and Automatic Lens Design

The lens that comes with your welding helmet is one of the most important elements since it's designed to protect your eyes from UV light created by your welder. You can either get a helmet with a fixed lens or one that automatically adjusts depending on the light conditions that are present.

If you're just looking for a simple helmet that's cost-effective, a fixed lens option is ideal. Whereas if you have more money to spend and want added convenience, a helmet with a lens that adjusts automatically would save you the trouble of switching lenses out for different welding projects.

Consider a Flip-Up Face Portion 

If you want to make sure using a welding helmet is convenient when you are first starting out, then look for one that has a flip-up face. Whenever you need to weld, you can flip the helmet down so that your entire face and eyes are fully protected.

Then once you finish and need to inspect your welds for quality, you can flip the front portion up and see clearly without having to take your welding helmet off. This saves you time and energy.

Test Different Weights in Person

An important attribute of a welding helmet for beginners is weight. You want it to be as light as possible because then you won't have trouble welding and moving your head around to see from various angles. You should test different weights for these helmets in person.

Then you can really see the difference, even if it's just a couple of pounds or ounces. Test out as many welding helmets as you need to until you find a weight range that you feel comfortable using. This way you can reduce the fatigue you experience throughout longer welds.

When you first get involved in welding, you want to be fully protected, and your head and face will be if you get a welding helmet. Just make sure you find an option that lets you weld safely and comfortably the entire time so that you can put more focus into your welding work. 

Contact a local welding helmet supplier, such as CMR Fabrications, to learn more.