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3 Considerations When Choosing Bulk Bagged Ice For Your Store

Whether you run a major supermarket, corner grocer, or gas station convenience store, there's a good chance you keep bagged ice on hand for your customers. While this item is a hot seller in the summer, many consumers have a need for bagged ice throughout the year. This critical product finds use in everything from beach coolers to fancy drinks at cocktail parties.

While ice might not seem like a complex topic, there are still a few things to keep in mind when purchasing this staple in bulk for your store. Before you place your next bulk ice purchase, make sure you spend some time thinking about these three crucial considerations.

1. Size

Many companies that sell bagged ice offer a variety of sizes, from relatively small 20 lbs. bags up to much larger (and heavier) 50 lbs. options. While you may want to stock more than one size, the best options for your particular business will depend on where you operate and the customers you see most frequently. Choosing the wrong sizes can mean sitting on unpurchased stock for much longer.

You should generally favor smaller-sized bags if your store operates in an area with more "convenience" customers. For example, if you typically sell ice to beachgoers, most of them won't need to purchase larger bags. On the other hand, larger bags may be more popular if many of your customers use you as their primary grocer or convenience store.

2. Closure Style

Open-top and drawstring bags are the two standard options for bagged ice. Open-top bags typically come with a separate closure item such as a twist tie, while drawstring bags include an integrated drawstring for resealing. Drawstring bags are pricier than open-top bags but offer consumers the option to reseal and reuse their ice.

There's no correct answer for which bag you should select for your store, but drawstring bags are more convenient, and consumers may view them as a higher-end option. Drawstrings bags are also typically a better option for larger bags since your customers are more likely to purchase them for storage and use over a more extended period.

3. Ice Shape

There are a surprisingly large number of shapes and styles for ice. Fancy ice styles may cost more, but they're worth considering if you sell to an upscale crowd. Your customers may want to purchase special shapes for use in parties or events without investing in custom ice trays or ice machines. Offering a few unique styles can help fill this niche.

While ice may be a relatively simple product, it's always worth putting some time, effort, and research into any item you intend to sell. Taking the time to choose the best ice for your market will pay off in the long run with happier customers and more sales.

For help finding ice for your business, contact a supplier in your area—such as Ice Plant Inc.