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Finding The Right Parts For Your Older Tractor

Farmall tractors have been around for a long time and are used often in small agriculture, landscaping, and land clearing operations where an older, smaller machine is effective and practical. Maintaining these machines, especially older models, can be challenging because the brand is not in production anymore—so the parts are difficult to find. Here are some tips for finding Farmall parts:

Tractor Parts

One of the most common places to get parts for Farmall tractors is through aftermarket vendors that still carry some parts or have access to reproduction items. If you have a late model Farmall tractor manufactured under the Case IH brand, you may find some Case IH parts fit those tractors, but they are old enough that the parts are still hard to come by. 

New parts are often not an option for Farmall tractors, but there are many places to look for parts, like online forums, social media groups dedicated to the brand, or a local club that restores or still uses these older machines. In many cases, restorers are the best resource for the parts you are trying to find. If the part is still available, they will often know where to look and can direct you to it. 

Not all restorers and club members will want to give you the information leading you to elusive parts, but spend some time talking with them about your Farmall and what you are trying to do with it. Once you get to know the local club members, they will be more apt to help. 

Dealer Parts

The local Case IH parts dealer may still have some parts for Farmall tractors on the shell that they never sold when the tractors were still in production, so it is worth asking at the parts counter. If the dealer does not have the parts, they may be able to run a search and try and locate some parts through the dealer network for you. 

The most common parts still available are parts that didn't break often, so if you find some old parts in new condition, they may not be the ones you need for your tractor. 

Reproduction Parts

The most common parts still available for older Farmall tractors are through reproduction companies that create pieces using the original design and specs from the manufacturer. The parts are not genuine because they use aftermarket bushings or seals and are made by a third-party manufacturer, but they are often as close as you will find to original and often work as well or better than OEM parts. 

The cost for these parts is often reasonable, and many of them come with a warranty, so you can purchase them and use the machine as it was intended when Farmall made it. If you are using an older Farmall tractor on job sites and for other work, they often need to be reserved for small jobs because they are smaller than modern machines, but they can be beneficial in tight spaces or for jobs that don't require a lot of horsepower.