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Air Compressor Getting Older? Maintenance You Should Do To Help It Last Longer

If you have an air compressor and it is getting older, one way to help it last longer is to do the proper maintenance. Below are some maintenances you should start doing now so you won't have to purchase a new air compressor soon.

Tighten Up

Inspect the air compressor on a regular basis and look at the nuts and bolts. An air compressor vibrates when it is running which can cause the nuts and bolts to become loose. If you do see a lot of them loose this does not mean your air compressor is in bad shape. To check if they are loose, use the correct size wrench and put it around the bolt and see if it has any give at all. If so, tighten it up until the nut or bolt stops moving. If you tighten it too tight you will cause damage. 

Use the right tools to go with the nuts and bolts to tighten them up. If you are not sure where all the nuts and bolts are located then refer to the owner's manual. It may have a diagram of your air compressor so you will make sure everything is tightened up correctly. You may see that a nut or bolt is missing and requires replacement. The manual will tell you the correct type and size to purchase for the replacements. 

Change the Oil

You need to check the owner's manual to see if your air compressor uses oil. If so, you need to make sure you change the oil when needed. This oil works much like the oil in a car. It needs to be clean and at the right consistency so it can flow smoothly. This will ensure everything is staying well lubricated. 

If the oil is dirty the dirt fragments will get onto the parts inside the compressor. Also, if the oil is too thick it will not be able to flow through all the parts. This will cause friction between parts which can cause a lot of damage. To remedy this, refer to the owner's manual to see how much and what type of oil you should use for your air compressor. This is important as if you put the wrong amount or the wrong type this will cause problems. 

There are many more maintenance steps you should do on your compressor, such as inspecting the hoses regularly, inspecting the shutoff system, and cleaning the fuel tank. For more information, contact an air compressor maintenance service.