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Do You Have The Right Hydrant Adapter?

Fire hydrants provide the water firefighters need to put out large blazes. These hydrants are connected to a series of hoses found on a fire truck, but not all trucks are equipped with the same types of hoses. A fire hydrant adapter ensures that fire crews will be able to successfully join their hose to a nearby hydrant when necessary.

The type of adapter that should be used is the adapter that is best suited for the job at hand.

Adapter Couplers

One type of hydrant adapter that you should always have available is an adapter coupler. These fittings are designed to connect sections of hose to a hydrant, even when the hose and hydrant have different thread sizes.

One end of the coupler will match the thread size on the hose while the other end has threads that match the hydrant. Each component connects to the coupler, which serves as an intermediary between hose and hydrant. The right coupler can allow you to access water from a hydrant no matter what type of hose you are using.

Storz Converter

Traditional adapters are referred to as either male or female. Male fittings are inserted into a connecting component, while female fittings are threaded onto the exterior of the component. If you don't have an adapter of the right sex, you may find yourself without the ability to connect your fire hose to a nearby hydrant.

Storz converters are referred to as sexless couplings because they can work with either female or male fittings. These converters secure in place with interlocking hooks that provide a secure connection.

Higbee Thread Fittings

One of the biggest concerns you must address when connecting a fire hose to a hydrant is the possibility of cross threading each component. Cross threading could damage your fire hose or the hydrant, rendering these components useless in the future.

A higbee thread fitting is designed specifically to accurately identify the first thread, reducing the potential for cross threading when screwing the end of your hose to the hydrant. If you struggle with cross threading problems on a regular basis, you need to have higbee thread fittings on all your fire hoses.

The right hydrant adapter will make it easier to access the water needed to put out a fire. Many types of adapters can work together to create secure connections. The right adapter will vary based on your individual needs and the circumstances in which you are operating. Contact a supplier, like Buy Wholesale Company, for more help.