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Essential Facility Supplies To Order When Opening A Gym

Opening a gym is a lot of work but it can also be very rewarding. However, when equipping a gym you will need more than just exercise machines and weights-- it is also essential to think about necessary facility supplies. Planning for facility supplies in advance can help you purchase supplies in bulk to help keep costs down. Some of the facility supplies you should budget for when opening a gym include:

Disinfectant Sprays

Members of a gym want to work out in a place that is clean. One of the ways that you can ensure that your gym's exercise equipment and weights are clean is by having disinfectant spray on hand for people to use to clean equipment after they use it. Most facility supply companies offer disinfectant spray that is pre-mixed and ready for use. When ordering disinfectant spray in bulk, don't forget to also purchase spray bottles to hold the spray.

Paper Towels

Disinfectant spray needs to be wiped down after it is sprayed, so your gym will need a large supply of paper towels. Make sure that paper towels are available in the same areas as the bottles of disinfectant spray. In addition, you will also need to order paper towels for all of the restroom facilities in your gym.


Working out causes people to sweat, and many people like to wipe away sweat when exercising. Invest in quality towels to be distributed around the gym for members to use. If you are opening a full-service gym that also has a locker room and showers, you will need to offer members clean towels to use when cleaning up after a work out. You will need to have the towels laundered frequently, so it is worth investing in higher quality towels that can withstand being washed often without falling apart.

Cleaning Supplies

No one wants to work out in a gym that is dirty or smelly, thus you will need a large stock of cleaning supplies. When equipping your gym, make sure that you buy brooms, mops, buckets, a vacuum, and large containers of all-purpose cleaner. Having cleaning supplies on hand at all times will help ensure that you will be able to keep the facility sparkling clean.

First Aid Equipment

If someone is injured while at your gym, you will need to be able to provide first aid supplies. It is a good idea to purchase fully stocked first aid kits so you can be prepared for the different injuries your members may experience. If you are opening a large gym, you may also want to order an automated external defibrillator (AED) in case of emergency. To learn more about industrial supplies for your business, contact a business like TFA.