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Three Types Of Boiler Rentals

If you've ever lived in a property that uses a boiler, you know that they are an excellent source of heat. Since they first came out several decades ago, the design has been greatly improved. They can be very energy efficient if you are using some of the recent models. Many commercial and residential buildings have taken advantage of this and now use boilers to provide enough heat to the property. Along with this, there are several companies that offer boiler rentals for those who require a boiler only temporarily. This is a list of some of the available types of boilers that you can rent.

Boiler Rooms

This is one of the most popular boiler rentals. It is a complete boiler room that is easily transported to whatever location you need it. The room comes with a combustion control package, the electrical switchgear, burner, and feedwater treatment. Everything is all interconnected inside the steel container as well as outside for your utmost convenience. This means a faster delivery and setup once the boiler room is on site. The size and horsepower of each boiler room vary greatly, so it is important to discuss with the company what your specific needs are in order to get the right match.

Trailer Boilers

These boilers are mounted on trailers, which allows the company to drive them right to your site and drop them off. The boilers can produce hot water, low-pressure steam, or high-pressure steam to provide hot water or heating, depending on what you need the boiler for at that site. The trailer boilers are a great substitute for your boiler when it breaks down. Some of the models are even discreet enough that the trailer can sit on your property without being an eyesore, while still providing adequate heat and hot water to your property.


Not only can you have an entire boiler delivered to you, but you can also have boiler equipment delivered. Many factories or other clients require this service when specific equipment on the boiler is needed, rather than an entire new boiler. Some of the types of boiler equipment that you can rent includes:

  • Heat exchanger

  • Hot water circulation system

  • Feedwater system

  • Deaerator

  • Electric boiler

The equipment will keep your boiler working until your new parts arrive, which can end up saving you time and money.


If you require any of the above, contact the nearest boiler rental company and ask them about quotes and availability.