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Keeping Pallets Organized In A Warehouse

Is there a lack of organization in your warehouse that gives it an unprofessional appearance? The worst thing about an unorganized warehouse is that it can have a big impact on the productivity of employees, which also affects the customer service aspect of your business. It is worth investing in a few things that can assist with keeping your warehouse organized and easy to maneuver around in. You can actually improve the quality of service that is provided to customers by ensuring that inventory can be accessed and shipped in a speedy amount of time. Browse the information below for guidance on organizing your warehouse:

Don't Leave Pallets on the Floor

Although pallets are useful when it comes to handling inventory in a warehouse, they can take up a large amount of floor space. You have the option of stacking the pallets on top of each other, but it creates a problem with accessing inventory in an easy manner. It is in your best interest to store pallets on top of racks that were designed for them. The racks are basically shelving units that are wide enough for safely storing pallets. Pallet racks are also made of sturdy steel that is able to support heavy loads.

Use Racks that Can Grow with Your Business

There are various pallet rack types that you can choose between for your warehouse. If your business seems to be growing at a fast pace, you should choose the model of racks that can be extended. For example, the teardrop model of racks are a great option because you can continue extending them by purchasing components. Wire decking, beams, and frames are some of the components that can be purchased to extend teardrop pallet racks. You can also put crossbars on the racks to provide extra support for the pallets.

Avoid Mixing Together Multiple Types of Inventory

After you have invested in storage components for your pallets, it is still important to properly store inventory. For instance, you don't want to mix multiple items together on the same rack. If you want to place multiple items on the same rack, make sure there is a dedicated row for each type of item. Your employees will then be able to find inventory items faster so they can be sent to customers. It is also a good idea to invest in labels for your pallet racks to make organization even easier.  

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