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High School Science: How To Get Heating Oil For A Lesson In Heating And Energy Consumption

Teaching high school science often involves locating uncommon sources for supplies. It is not like teaching art, where you can walk into any store and buy what your students need. No, instead you have to go to quarries, industrial plants, technology labs, etc., to find what you require to teach. If you have a lesson coming up in fuel consumption and resources, you may be considering the acquisition of some heating oil for a laboratory demonstration. Here are some helpful hints on how to acquire heating oil for your high school science class.

Find out If the School Uses Heating Oil to Heat the School

If you are really lucky, your school uses heating oil to heat the school. This is lucky because then you only have to ask the district to give your class a bit of the oil for the lesson/demo. It is also lucky because most schools utilize a commercial boiler to heat the massive buildings and classrooms. You can incorporate the heating oil tank and furnace into your lesson too.

Talk to a Heating Oil Service Representative

Acquiring heating oil in a small batch from a heating oil delivery company is unusual, but not unheard of. The company may be willing to provide the oil for your classroom demo, sometimes for free if you give your students an ad plug for the company that gave the oil. Usually, you have to have a legal container in which to store the oil, and it may not be delivered until the day before the demo and class instruction on energy and fuel consumption.

Contact Industrial Companies

Many industrial companies utilize heating oil for production of goods. They may have a little they can spare for your classroom, and you could even tour the plant and pick up the oil on the same day. Your students would get a lot out of the trip, too, not just the oil for your classroom demo and lesson.

Buy Some Heating Oil from Someone You Know

If a friend or family member uses heating oil to heat his or her home, you could offer to buy some of the oil from him/her. There is a valve on most heating oil tanks that would allow you to tap the line and retrieve enough oil for your class. Then you pay your friend or family member the going rate for the amount of oil that you took so that he/she is not out that oil or the money for it.

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