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Understanding Die Cutters And What They Do: An Introduction

If you have never used a paper punch for scrapbooking, you may not know what die cutting is or what it is similar to. There are many kinds of die cutting machines, as well as several companies that offer die cutting services. To get a better understanding of die cutters and what they can do, the following is provided.

Elementary Properties of Die Cutters

Die cutters are very similar to the paper punches used by scrapbookers. There is the cutter, which has a very specific shape, the cutting plate, against which the cutter is pressed, and a handle, which contains a stabilizer for the cutting plate and a squeeze handle to press the cutter downward. On a much larger scale, die cutters contain all of these components, but they look very different than a small, handheld craft punch.

In commercial settings, die cutters are set to cut specific shapes and sizes of materials. Some of these machines cut rubber, while others cut plastic. Although you could use a die cutter to cut metal, most metal objects are cut with a CNC machine and the work is done in a metal fabrication plant. This is very different from plastic or rubber die cutting services.

Purposes and Uses

The purposes and uses of die cutting machines are to cut things like rubber gaskets, plastic components for assembly line products, stickers and labels, etc. Thin sheet metal may also be die-cut, but only if it is thin enough for the cutters to punch straight through. Rotary die cutters are special machines that can cut 360-degree patterns in an almost three-dimensional pattern, as well as create creases, folds, perforations, etc.

Most companies in need of die-cutting services need a massive quantity of the same product and material cut very quickly and delivered by a deadline. As such, plastic and rubber die cutting service renders a very efficient means of cutting these necessary products for other industrial companies. The price-per-item cut is often charged by volume too, which makes the process and products very cost-effective.

Contact a Die Cutting Service

If you need rubber or plastic gaskets, washers, sealers, etc., then you should contact a die cutting service like Accurate Products Inc. Expect the quote you receive to reflect high volume production. If you do not need that many of one die-cut item, you may have to find a company that charges per piece produced, but the cost may be higher.