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Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Home And Getting Professional Results

If enjoy having a clean home, you already know that it must be dusted, swept and mopped regularly to maintain its appearance. However, when it comes to keeping mildew from growing on your siding, scrubbing the outside of your windows and removing the debris from your roof, your cleaning schedule may differ. Although you will need different equipment to clean the exterior of your home, you can definitely get it exceptionally clean on your own by following a few crucial tips.

Extend Your Reach

When you go to clean the perimeter of your home, you should be able to reach most surfaces on the ground level with ease. A step ladder might be necessary for reaching the top of your windows, but when it comes to getting to the second level and even the roof a professional scaffolding system should be utilized. You will be able to rest all of your cleaning tools on the scaffolding while keeping both feet firmly planted underneath of you. Using a scaffolding system when you want to clean the entire perimeter of your home will allow you to check your property from multiple angles.

Use A Power Washer

Some parts of the exterior of your home will have to be cleaned by hand, but other areas should be treated with plain water and a power washer to get the fastest and best results. If you make use of a scaffolding system, you can use a power washer to rinse all of the leaves off of your roof in just a few minutes. Power washing works well to get the dirt off of brick exteriors and vinyl siding, as well as all of the cracks and crevices.

Remove Mildew And Mold With Plain Vinegar

If you see any areas on the exterior of your home that are discolored, you probably don't need to purchase any expensive cleaning solutions. Instead, try white vinegar for removing moss, mold, mildew and other organic materials growing on the outside of your home. In order to spray the vinegar directly on affected areas, climb onto your scaffolding system. Allow the solution to soak for a couple of hours.

Finish things up with your power washer, and you should see the outside of your house becoming squeaky clean before your eyes. Vinegar also cleans glass effectively, so you do your windows at the same time that you work to remove all mildew and mold for exceptional results.

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